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We work to offer a wide variety of products developed by professionals who fulfill high standards of quality and efficiency.

Social Responsibility


In 2006
we started with Aproque the Responsible Care process as initiative of the entire Chemical Industry.

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About our company

Resinas y Químicos del Ecuador S.A., “REQUIMEC”, was part of the division of inks of the company Tintas Ecuatorianas S.A., "TINTESA" from 1973 until 1986, when it became an independent company.

REQUIMEC has emerged as one of the leading companies in the Chemical Sector of Ecuador, meeting the needs of customers nationally and internationally.

REQUIMEC is an Ecuadorian company with infrastructure and machinery installed with European and American technology. Its production developed through technical assistance agreements with leading international companies in the production of resins worldwide. See more »

Resin Applications
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