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We work to offer a wide variety of products developed by professionals who fulfill high standards of quality and efficiency.



Adhesive Line has a wide range of adhesive products, each with different properties that allow the adhesion between different types of substrates such as wood, paper, cardboard, wood floor, for school use, labels, leather, vinyl, etc..

In addition, the wide range of products enables us to offer clients suitable for your application, whether manual, in machinery, if required quick-drying, etc. Each product has different types of resistance.

This line offers products that conform only to each of the requirements of our customers.


Adhegraf Line  has been formulated for implementation in different types of substrates, for use in printing and graphic industry in general. Its formulation allows for quick and tenacious union, needed in high speed machines. It is also an excellent adhesive binder. Forms a waterproof film.


Adhemad Line has been made for excellent wood glue in the furniture industry, which requires a strong bond and fast drying. It is also used as an adhesive for paper, paperboard, cloth, canvas, etc.


Adheparq Line has been made for an excellent adhesive for parquet and wood, fast drying, water resistance and moisture.

It serves to attach any type of wood on concrete. For its rigidity in dry and fast drying can implement appropriate systems, such as lianas, leaving adhesive channels in which the wood is settled and pressed. It’s recommended for application on wood paneling and parquet gluing on cement.